Here is the fun movie trivia contest about the 2016 action-thriller “The Accountant,” starring Ben Affleck, that we wrote for members at SCACPA’s Fall Fest Accounting Conference in November 2018. Feel free to use this for your event, and credit the South Carolina Association of CPAs.

If you missed Spring Splash, here is a link to “The Shawshank Exemption,” our movie trivia contest about the many scenes where tax practices were discussed in the 1994 classic, “The Shawshank Redemption.”




Audit Your Knowledge on This 2016 Action-Thriller About the World’s Only Accountant  Who Uses an Anti-Tank Rifle to Shoot Cantaloupes for Target Practice 

by Gregory Hardy, Content Strategist
South Carolina Association of CPAs

Maybe you’ve seen the Ben Affleck movie “The Accountant.” But even if you only saw the coming attraction, it must have piqued your interest that a major Hollywood movie could revolve around an accountant who is high-functioning with Asperger syndrome and also a forensic accountant for criminal syndicates.  

Even if you haven’t seen “The Accountant,” take a chance on your next movie night, it’s a decent action-thriller whose score is 51% with critics and 76% for audiences. Besides, you’re not going to find too many James Bond or Jason Bourne movies that include dialog like, “What did he do, hit him over the head with an adding machine?”  

Circle your answers below about accounting trivia items that pop up throughout the movie, turn in this paper at the SCACPA Booth, and be entered to win a movie theater gift card. Good luck!

  1. In the scene where we first meet Ben Affleck as The Accountant, he’s providing tax advice for a farming couple that’s so desperate to cover their tax bill that they consider paying for it with their credit card. What’s a better idea than using a credit card to pay your taxes? 

a. Starring in “Armageddon” 

b. Starring in “Pearl Harbor” 

c. Being the least interesting Batman  

d. Any of the above 

2. Anna Kendrick’s junior accountant character mentions that she studied accounting at the University of Chicago. What was the No. 1 thing she probably learned there? 

a. How to sing in a pitch perfect all-girl a cappella group with Rebel Wilson 

b. How to become a corporate downsizing expert with George Clooney 

c. Not much, the University of Chicago doesn’t offer an undergraduate accounting program 

 3. The name of Ben Affleck’s strip mall front company is “ZZZ Accounting.” If you saw a listing for a firm called “ZZZ Accounting,” which of the following would probably be true? 

a. It specializes in providing consulting and auditing advice for Mattress Firm. 

b. It has a Practice Continuation Agreement with “YYY Accounting.” 

c. Someone doesn’t want to be listed on page 1 of the firm guide. 

d. Any of the above 

4. Which “Variety Track” CPE course would you feel most comfortable taking if you found out The Accountant was the instructor? 

a. “Pistol Silencers: Deductible as a Business Expense?” 

b. “Pollock Paintings, Renoir Paintings and Copies of Action Comics No. 1: How Accepting Artwork in Lieu of Money for Illicit Forensic Accounting Work is the Artful Way To Go” 

c. “How to Bring a Belt to a Knife Fight” 

d. Any of the above 

5. The Accountant figures out that the embezzlement of $61 million from a robotics manufacturer mirrors the real-life fraud case of “Crazy Eddie” Antar and his consumer electronics stores in the 1970s-80s. What was the catch phrase of the actor in the famous “Crazy Eddie” commercials? 

a. “Crazy Eddie, Please Don’t Audit My Same-Store Sales Totals Too Closely” 

b. “Where Lethal CPAs Thrive” 

c. “Crazy Eddie, his prices are IN-SA-A-A-A-A-ANE!” 

 6. The Executive Producer of “The Accountant” is Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. For which recent Hollywood blockbuster has the former Goldman Sachs banker also held that movie credit? 

a. “The Lego Movie” 

b. “American Sniper” 

c. “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” 

d. “The Conjuring 2” 

e. “Sully” 

f. All of these plus dozens of others, he’s had quite the track record as a movie financier

Answers/Spoiler Alert: 1. D, 2. C, 3. D, 4. D, 5. C, 6. F.