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Wellness/Benefits HR: Employee Retention (LIVESTREAM) (LIOT03/21)

Event Description

In today’s competitive marketplace, retaining talented employees is becoming increasingly difficult.  A solid benefits program can make a difference in the fight for talent – but only if those benefits actually matter to the employees you are trying to hire!  Through statistics and case studies, this course will explore what benefits are most valuable to employees.  We will also explore the basic types of retirement and health insurance plans and discuss what financial leaders should consider before adopting a benefits package.

Designed For

Financial leaders who are involved in the employee benefits function of their company, as well as tax practitioners and financial advisors who advise clients on employee benefits issues.


  •   Identify what types of benefits employees find valuable
  •   Recall the basic types of retirement plans and how they differ
  •   Distinguish between the basic health insurance plan types
  •   Recognize how life insurance may be incorporated into an employee benefits package.


Major Subjects

  •   Statistics on what benefits employees find valuable.
  •   Considerations when building an employee benefits package
  •   Types of retirement plans
  •   Types of health insurance plans
  •   Review of disability insurance
  •   Life insurance basics
  •   Other types of benefits