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Wagons HOA! A Roadmap for CIRAs (LIVESTREAM) (LIAA45/21)

Event Description

In today’s environment, nothing is as simple as you think it is.  Almost everything is a specialty.  That’s especially true of Common Interest Realty Associations.  This program will provide the information you need to accept engagements with Homeowner’s Associations.

Designed For

Anyone who is about to work with an HOA.   Anyone who has worked with an HOA but has never sought formal training on the topic. Anyone who might be drafted to serve on their own HOA governing board. Accountants in public practice Accountants who work for property management companies Accountants who currently serve or might serve as an HOA board member 


  • To understand the unique history and structure of CIRAs
  • To master proper CIRA balance sheet and income statement presentation
  • To understand unique CIRA note disclosures
  • To understand taxation of CIRAs

Major Subjects

  • What is a CIRA? Where did CIRAs come from?  
  • How do CIRAs differ from other organization forms?
  • What should CIRA financial statements look like?
  • What note disclosures should CIRA financial statements include?
  • What does the IRS require of CIRAs?