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The tax code offers a variety of ways for grandparents to give to their grandchildren without tax consequences.

In this session we will discuss opportunities, such as gifting, paying health care expenses, serving as a grandchild’s main source of support and establishing a grantor trust.
Grandma and grandpa determined they have plenty of money for retirement and now desire to leave a legacy for a newly born grandchild. Tax planning considerations and strategies might include traditional techniques such as 529 Plans, Coverdale Education Savings Accounts and Uniform Gift (or Transfer) to Minor Accounts, among other techniques


Learning Objectives
• Gain insight about the tax and non-tax strategies of traditional techniques
• Gain insight about the shortcomings of some strategies in contrast to an alternative strategy some practitioners refer to as a “child’s gifting trust.” 
• Gain insight about the tax and non-tax benefits grandparents can achieve in creating and funding a “child’s gifting trust” for the benefit of that newly born grandchild.      

Discussion Leader

Anthony Rocca, CPA