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Using Data Analytics to Give You a Competitive Advantage (LIOT02/23)

Event Description

Through case studies and discussion, this course will explore what data analytics and big data is, how it is being used by companies, and how it could be used in the future. Participants will be given scenarios in which to think about the data available, and how it can be applied within specific company contexts. The focus of the course will be on how to approach big data, so that participants can better utilize the data available to them in their current working lives.

Designed For

CFOs and Controllers who are interested in obtaining greater value and better utilizing the data that their company is collecting.


• Differentiate between data analytics and data mining
• List the different types and dimensions of data
• List the different types of data inquiries that one can make
• Describe how to maintain data integrity in a corporate environment
• Describe how data can be manipulated by end-users
• Define the concept of data governance
• Describe how companies may utilize data in the future


Basic knowledge of management information systems, data warehousing, data collection methods, and awareness of analytical tools.