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Understanding Real Estate Taxation – Rental Activities & Material Participation Rules (LITX37/24)

Event Description

The taxation of real estate is tricky. Taxpayers can own real estate in a number of different ways, including direct and indirect investments. There are numerous exceptions to being classified as a rental activity too. And how do you know if someone is a real estate professional? In this course, we will explore all of these issues and many more! Through real-world examples and discussion, this episode in our Understanding Real Estate Taxation series will delve into exceptions to rental status, qualifications for material participation, and requirements for active status.

Designed For

Tax and financial advisors who have clients who own rental real estate


  • Recognize which rental activities are exceptions to the rental status classification.
  • State the Qualifications for Material Participation
  • Identify the qualifications for being a real estate professional
  • State which entities are exempt from the material participation rules

Major Subjects

  • Rental Activities & Passive Activities
  • Material Participation • Real Estate Professional Status
  • Active Participation Status
  • Who does the passive activity rules apply to?
  • Review Questions
  • Summing it Up