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The Unique Tax Accounting Issues in Estates and Trusts (LITX36/24)

Event Description

This program focuses on application of the tax accounting rules confronted by practitioners in handling estates and trusts for income tax purposes. Included is the impact on the beneficiaries.

Designed For

CPAs, EAs, and Attorneys dealing with both the preparing the estate and trust income tax returns and also advising clients in establishing trusts. 


After completing the course participants will have the ability to determine accounting income, taxable income and distributable net income for estate and trusts. In addition the impact of those on the estate or trust and the beneficiaries.

Major Subjects

The program will provide an overview of important tax issues confronting practitioners handling estates and trust. It will include some of the important aspects of Accountng Income, Taxable Income and Distributable Net Income and the impact on the estate or trust and the beneficiaries.