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Succession planning is one of those things that is never at the top of the list, yet it is often among the most important things a company does.  The successful passing of the torch to tomorrow’s leaders can often mean the difference between a business thriving or faltering in the next generation.  Through case studies and the review of research, this course will examine what succession planning is, what makes it successful, and why we put it off!.

Designed For

CFO’s, controllers, and other company leaders who are interested in creating long-term success for their companies as they transition to the next phase of leadership.  Leaders of today and tomorrow who care about the long-term success of their company.


  • List the insights into succession planning offered by academic research
  • Define the differences between a cross-purchase agreement and an entity purchase agreement
  • Describe how succession planning can be accomplished through entity formation documents
  • List the elements of successful communication of succession plans to company stakeholders
  • Describe best practices when formulating executive training programs according to research


Major Subjects

  • The current state of succession planning and why companies put it off
  • Basic succession planning documents
  • Fundamental succession planning strategies
  • Who is affected by succession planning and why it matters
  • Elements of successful communication of succession plans
  • Executive leadership programs – what works and what doesn’t based on research



Basic knowledge of corporate risk management functions