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The Many Faces of Fraud (Ethics) (LIET01/23)

Event Description

Bernie Madoff, Scott London, Aaron Beam – what do these three men have in common? The answer may not be so obvious, but each if asked, many years back, the question: “Would you voluntarily make a decision that could ruin your professional life?” – the answer would likely be a resounding “NO!” Yet each of these and many others discussed did that very thing. 

In his unusually authentic style, Chuck reveals the consequences of the unethical decisions he made in his own attempt to build the great Americm1 dream for himself and his family. This powerful fraud presentation is filled with unforgettable messages of success and failure, illusions and reality, and choices and consequences.

Designed For

Practitioner, Industry, Government, Non­Profit


The audience will discover:
• How easy it is for smart people to make dumb choices-and what to do about it.
• The three components of the typical financial fraud and how they apply to the fraudsters.
• The three components of what motivates a victim to be drawn into a financial fraud.
• Real-world practical examples of how to use forensic accounting to prevent financial fraud.

Major Subjects

This program is designed to uncover and discover the fundamental components of fraud, including how to potentially identify it, and prevent it.