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This program focuses on compliance … preparation of 2019 Federal income tax returns.  The las has changed, the forms have changed, and your client need the very best advice and return preparation service.

Program Includes:
• Forms that are required for reporting certain transactions
• Disclosure of return reporting and calculation of income and deductions
• Court decisions affecting reporting and calculation of income and deductions
• Published IRS Guidance and training materials
• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in hot topics
• Section 199A “Safe Harbor” documentation requirements
• Efficient accumulation of information to support return
• Information preparers must keep
• IRS Publication 4557 and what it requires of return preparers

Designed For

Designed For: CPAs, EAs and Attorneys who will be answering tax questions and preparing or reviewing Federal income tax returns will benefit from the subjects covered in this program.


Learning Objectives:
• Take advantage of important tax “elections”
   o Section 179
   o Bonus depreciation
   o “De minimis rule”
   o R&D expenditures
• Disclose return positions
• Identify the characteristics of a “trade or business” to classify rental activity for IRC Sec. 199A purposes
• Create basis in order to claim losses
• Make beneficial accounting method changes that can reduce current year income
• Comply with any new reporting requirements
   o Take advantage of favorable court decisions
   o Follow IRS published guidance
      – Forms
      – FAQs

Discussion Leader

Arthur Werner, CPA, JD, MS (Taxation)