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Surgent’s Tax Forms Boot Camp: LLCs, Partnerships, and S Corporations (SSTX441/22)

Event Description

The course provides a comprehensive, hands-on, pencil pushing understanding of the preparation of both S corporation and partnership/LLC tax returns, along with the underlying laws, regulations, etc. The course uses the basic concepts underlying the two main types of business returns: 1120S and 1065 as building blocks for the more complex concepts tax preparers should be aware of. The theoretical concepts get illustrated in comprehensive examples that incorporate the most up-to-date law changes and provisions, including those of CARES Act, Tax Relief Act, ARPA as they specifically apply to Forms 1065 and 1120S. Very importantly, this course covers the concepts behind the newly enacted transactional method for partnerships, ‘behind-the-scenes’ reconciliations and hands-on examples of presenting reporting partners’ capital accounts per these provisions.

Designed For

All levels of staff and company controllers responsible for filing these forms