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Surgent’s Review of Form 709 — Gift Tax Return (SSTX304/22)

Event Description

This course will enable practitioners to understand the basic practical issues of preparing the gift tax Form 709. This course covers the disclosure requirements and the information necessary to properly prepare the form.

Designed For

CPAs involved in the preparation of individual, gift, and information returns


  • Introduction to the proper preparation of Form 709. 
  • Understanding the differing types of gifts, the limits, and information required on Form 709.

Major Subjects

  • Form 709: gift tax reporting; the effect of the lifetime exclusion
  • Present interest versus future interest
  • The annual exclusion, what qualifies and how is it calculated
  • When are consenting spouses not required to file Form 709
  • What gifts are excluded from gift tax reporting
  • Adequate disclosure requirements and the statute of limitations
  • Proper gift tax reporting of front-end loaded §529 qualified tuition plans
  • The inclusion of up-to-date revised forms and references
  • Calculation of unified credit and prior years credit re-calculation
  • Calculation of additional credit for decedent spouses unused exemption (DSUE)