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Surgent’s Recruiting and Retaining Next Gen Talent (SSOT723/24)

Event Description

When it comes to attracting the best talent, it is imperative to know your audience. It is critical for employers and managers to understand Next Gen employees (those born in 1980 or later), as this group is expected to comprise 62% of the workforce by 2025. To be successful, accounting and related professionals should understand how to create strong relationships with Next Gen talent, some of the most talented, energetic components of the workforce. Using sound research as a guide, this webinar addresses guidelines and procedures that have proven successful in attracting and retaining Next Gen employees so that companies can continue to grow.

Designed For

Anyone in the accounting or financial services profession who seeks to understand how firms are successfully recruiting and retaining Next Gen employees


Understand the backgrounds, beliefs, and career expectations for Next Gen talent Explore ways to recruit, train and retain Next Gen talent Recognize successful strategies used by small and large organizations to retain Next Gen employees Understand the importance of technology, social media, mentoring, and culture for Next Gen employees

Major Subjects

Who are Next Gen employees, and what are their career objectives? How employers can align their values with Next Gen values Establishing procedures and priorities that allow for attracting the best talent Maintaining relationships with employees to reduce turnover and grow organizations


General familiarity with accounting and business principles