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Surgent’s Real Estate Tax Boot Camp (RETC) (SSTX244/21)

Event Description

This course is a “deep dive” into all things real estate tax related for the mid-level practitioner moving into this complex area. You will deepen your understanding of the complex considerations and strategies that individuals must navigate in acquiring, holding, managing, constructing, and disposing of real estate. You will leave the course able to navigate critical issues associated with the relevant returns and plan strategically for your company or clients. We will discuss in detail the impact the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has had on the real estate industry.

Designed For

CPAs who advise clients or their company on issues related to the acquisition, holding, management, and disposition of real estate


  • Learn how to determine the taxpayer’s basis in the property
  • Learn the rules of real estate development
  • Learn how the IRC taxes rental operations
  • Understand the complex rules of depreciation, bonus depreciation, and Section 179
  • Learn how to calculate gain or loss on the sale of real estate
  • Understand the at-risk rules
  • Understand the passive activity rules
  • Understand the like-kind exchange rules

Major Subjects

  • Installment sales
  • Rental operations
  • Depreciation and recapture
  • Determination of basis
  • Passive activity losses
  • At-risk rules
  • Like-kind exchanges
  • Calculation of gain or loss on sale of real estate


Some experience preparing tax returns involving real estate holdings and transactions