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Surgent’s Microsoft Excel 2016: Working with Formulas and Functions (SSTE717/24)

Event Description

This course guides you through creating, copying and pasting, reviewing, and correcting basic and complex formulas in Excel 2016 using step-by-step hands-on activities.

Designed For

Users experienced with using Excel 2016 in the Windows 8 or 10 operating system environment, or experienced Excel users switching from earlier versions of Excel.


Describe formula and function syntax and create basic formulas Copy/paste and fill formulas Enter formulas on grouped worksheets Use multiple methods to build formulas Apply conditional formatting to formulas results Find and correct formula errors using a variety of tools, such as the Error Checking feature and Trace Error icon, the Formula Auditing tools, and the Watch Window

Major Subjects

Identify basic formula and function syntax Recognize formulas pasted with relative references Select status bar options and Sum (AutoSum) for quick calculations Recognize formulas pasted with mixed or absolute references Identify formula results pasted as values Select worksheets for grouping and entering formulas Select Formula AutoComplete to create formulas with 3-D references Select buttons from the Function Library to insert functions in formulas Select defined names as function arguments Select conditional formatting to formulas & results Recognize the Error Checking feature and the Trace Error icon; identify and correct common errors Select the Formula Auditing tools to trace a formula’s precedent and dependent cells Identify and resolve a circular reference Select color-coded cell borders to correct a cell reference error in a formula Identify how to step through a nested formula Identify how to use the Watch Window and other tools to analyze, protect, and hide formulas


“Microsoft r Excel r 2016: Getting Started” or equivalent experience working with Excel 2016 in the Windows operating system environment