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Surgent’s Lease Accounting: A Whole New Ballgame (LEAS) (SSAA123/21)

Event Description

As the effective date of Topic 842 rapidly approaches, now is the time to get your hands around the details of the FASB’s new leases standard. Designed for accounting and auditing practitioners at all levels in both public accounting and business and industry, this course provides a thorough overview of the FASB’s new lease accounting standard (ASU No. 2016-02) that was released in February 2016. You will learn about the long awaited lease accounting standard for lessors and lessees, including sale and leaseback transactions, as well as recent updates to the new lease accounting guidance. Plenty of practical application illustrations are used, including journal entries, to help in understanding this complex area of accounting.

Designed For

Accounting and auditing practitioners at all levels desiring to be up-to-date on the FASB’s new lease accounting guidance


  • Be familiar with the FASB’s new lease accounting standards and guidance

Major Subjects

  • Leases (Topic 842)
  • Overall lease accounting guidance 
  • Lessor Accounting 101  
  • Lease Accounting 101 
  • Detailed review of accounting by lessees 
  • Sale and leaseback transactions 
  • Transition guidance 
  • Recently proposed and released ASUs impacting Topic 42



Experience in accounting and auditing