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Surgent’s Key Considerations in Getting the Entity Selection Right (CBE4) (SSTX199/21)

Event Description

While only one of many factors, tax rates are a very important factor in choosing the form of business organization. This unique course compares and contrasts the tax aspects of C corporations, S corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships, and limited liability companies. This in-depth course will cover planning opportunities.

Designed For

CPAs who are considering starting a new business or who advise clients on the form of business organization that is best


  • Identify the various business organizations available and their nontax criteria
  • Distinguish the tax characteristics of a sole proprietorship, LLC/partnership, S corporation, and C corporation
  • Understand the formation and exit strategy tax issues
  • Through a case study, sharpen advocacy skills, particularly before the IRS Appeals Office, if a choice-of-entity issue arises

Major Subjects

  • How tax reform, proposed and enacted, affects choice of entity
  • Comparing and contrasting the tax aspects of partnerships with sole proprietorships, S corporations with partnerships, C corporations with S corporations, and partnerships with C corporations, and limited liability companies with all other entities  
  • Tax considerations in the organization of an enterprise and the pitfalls to avoid  
  • Non-tax considerations
  • Practical guidelines on what entity structure to use under various circumstances
  • Impact of the manufacturers’ deduction on choice of entity


A basic course in partnerships/LLCs and in S corporations