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Event Description

This course will take new and administrative staff from the most basic concepts to an understanding of individual tax return preparation.

Designed For

New staff, rusty or those returning to the profession, who desire to prepare individual returns


  • Learn complicated issues of filing status and dependency exemptions
  • Understand issues with reporting capital gains transactions
  • Complete an introductory problem related to Form 1040A
  • Complete a comprehensive problem related to Form 1040
  • Complete a comprehensive problem related to Schedule A — Itemized Deductions
  • Complete a comprehensive tax return; answers with filled-in forms are provided.

Major Subjects

  • Preparation of various Form 1040 individual tax returns and schedules; provided answers include ‘filled-in’ forms
  • Filing information, filing status, personal exemptions, dependents, the standard deduction, etc.
  • Wages and salaries
  • Dividends and interest — Ordinary, return of capital, and capital gain distribution dividends; tax-exempt interest, original issue discount, etc.
  • Security transactions — From Form 1099-B to Form 8949 to Schedule D, plus mutual fund sales and related basis issues
  • Figuring tax, including regular tax, Net Investment Income and the tax on minor children with investment income
  • Basic income tax preparation — From 1040A to Form 1040
  • Medical and dental expenses, charitable contributions
  • Interest deductions
  • Miscellaneous itemized deductions
  • Individual problems illustrating form preparation for various items
  • Impact of recent legislation and forms changes on the 1040




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