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Surgent’s IA Module 1: Gateway to Excellence in Internal Auditing: A Vital Introduction and Orientation to the Profession (SSAA819/24)

Event Description

This program provides an essential and engaging introduction to the internal audit profession, a primer on current, major internal audit guidance standards for staff level personnel, and a value adding refresher and reinforcer for more seasoned personnel and management. Designed for internal audit professionals at all levels, consultants providing internal audit outsourcing or co-sourcing services, and external auditors (CPAs) who also provide such services andor place significant reliance on the work of internal auditors during the conduct of audit engagements. This course acts as a launching pad for Surgent’s comprehensive internal audit curriculum, equipping participants with a critical internal audit reference foundation for ongoing growth! It is crucial for internal auditors to develop a balanced, big picture AND detail-oriented understanding, perspective, and approach to their work. This session is instrumental in helping internal audit professionals do just that!

Designed For

Internal audit professionals (in-house and out/co-sourced) at all levels


Gain appreciation of the Internal Audit profession and its history, evolution and growth Clarify the Major Roles and Impact of The IIA for Internal Auditors, Internal Audit Activities, and the profession at large Develop foundational understanding of the IPPF for Internal Auditors Identify the critical value adding Mission of Internal Auditing and other select key governance elements that ultimately provide the framework for successful, high quality internal audit activities Expand knowledge of essential Internal Audit professional guidance and standards

Major Subjects

Introduction to the Internal Audit Profession Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Overview International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) The Vital Mission of Internal Auditing Essential Internal Audit Guidance Standards Primer


Experience/interest in or general knowledge of internal auditing