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Surgent’s Financial Reporting Complex Issues (Audit Skills Training – Level 3) (A3M8) (SSAA051/21)

Event Description

Each set of financial statements and auditor’s report thereon must properly address the unique circumstances of the specific reporting entity’s circumstances. This module provides guidance for properly altering financial statements and audit reports for certain complex transactions and events.

Designed For

Accountants responsible for drafting the statement of cash flows, footnote disclosures, or emphasis-of-matter or other-matter explanatory paragraphs in an unqualified audit report.


  • Learn how to handle more complex statement of cash flow issues
  • Explain circumstances requiring audit report modifications and explanatory paragraphs
  • Understand the importance of applying general audit procedures to identify relevant footnote disclosures

Major Subjects

  • Important considerations when drafting the statement of cash flows
  • Properly treating more complex transactions and events in the statement of cash flows
  • Emphasis-of-matter or other-matter explanatory paragraphs
  • General audit procedures to identify relevant transactions and events impacting financial statement presentation and disclosure
  • Drafting relevant general footnotes
  • Improving the footnote drafting process


Familiarity with SASs and FASBs