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Event Description

All organizations operate in a risk environment; however, generally only the large for-profit organizations pay a lot of attention to risk management. Or, often they equate risk management to insurance and completely miss some of the most important things that create and affect risk. Many years ago, led by the financial industry, large companies introduced systematic analysis in evaluating risk; however, those skills have generally failed to transfer to the small and medium-sized organization. This program seeks to do exactly that. We will explore the needs and concepts of risk management showing how they equally affect both large and small companies as well as both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. With liberal use of case studies, we will see how companies can face the issues of risk management and systematically develop a system to identify, evaluate, and mitigate those risks. It is important to note that the program is not for the experienced risk manager of the large organization but is for the finance professional dealing with a small to medium-sized company who desires to establish or refine an integrated enterprise risk management strategy.

Designed For

CFOs, controllers, and finance professionals


  • Understand the concepts of enterprise risk management
  • Determine the nature of risk in all-sized companies
  • Avoid being blind to obvious risks facing the company
  • Rid the company of the “silo” approach to risk
  • Perform risk identifications and evaluations
  • Match risk to insurance in the most economical way
  • Maximize organizational profits through reduction and transfer of risks
  • Understand the best approaches to cyber risk


Major Subjects

The nature of risk in any size or type of organization
Risk tolerance and developing a risk plan
Risk identification
Risk evaluation
Risk response
Strategy risk
Financial risk
Marketing risk
Compliance and liability risk
Operational risk
Environmental risk
Cyber risk


Experience in financial management of a small or midsize company