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Event Description

All organizations operate in a risk environment, but all too often, they either don’t realize it or they don’t develop a strategy to deal with the risks. In this session, we will explore how risks work in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations and how they can develop a strategy to identify, evaluate, and mitigate those risks. This program will not teach how to eliminate risks, but how to strategize how to reduce their total effect. We will liberally use case studies of both for-profit and not-for-profit companies to bridge the gap between concept and actual implementation.

Designed For

CFOs, controllers, and finance professionals


  • Understand how risks can both positively and negatively affect the organization
  • Determine the nature of risk in both large and small organizations
  • Understand the tolerance for risk in the organization
  • Match risks to proper strategy
  • Perform risk analysis and evaluations
  • See how the strategy of the organization represents risk


Major Subjects

Overview of ERM and how it affects all organizations
Risk tolerance and developing a plan
Risk identification
Risk analysis
Risk responses
Strategy risk


Experience in financial management of a small or midsize company