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Surgent’s Critical Performance Measures (Audit Skills Training – Level 7) (A7M3) (SSMG138/21)

Event Description

Successful organizations measure performance in multiple relevant categories to gauge whether important objectives are being achieved. This module provides guidance related to creating a high-impact dashboard of performance metrics that can be applied both internally within the CPA firm, as well as to help clients through a business advisory service.

Designed For

Accountants with responsibilities for designing, analyzing or communicating performance measurement


  • Discuss the importance of measuring performance in multiple areas that contribute to long-term viability of an organization
  • Describe best practices for performance measurement employed by highly successful organizations of all types
  • Explain how to sustain the benefits of performance measurement over the long-term

Major Subjects

  • Defining various types of performance measures
  • Striking a balance between financial, internal process, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction performance measures
  • Creating a dashboard of performance metrics
  • Tips for sustainable performance measurement


Experience with audit, tax, or other engagements