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Surgent’s Adapting Different Personality Styles (Audit Skills Training – Level 6) (A6M3) (SSOT148/21)

Event Description

Every individual has a dominant personality style, which includes relevant strengths and weaknesses. Effective interactions require individuals to adapt behaviors to complement, balance or counteract the traits of others. This module provides guidance for effectively adapting to various personality styles.

Designed For

Accountants with responsibilities for effectively interacting with others


  • Describe four primary personality styles, including relative strengths and weaknesses
  • Discuss what traits you and others demonstrate, and what that means about ability to effectively communicate and otherwise interact
  • Explain the importance of modifying behaviors in appropriate circumstances to result in better situational outcomes

Major Subjects

  • Defining primary personality style characteristics
  • Determining your own primary personality style, and the style of others you interact with
  • Effectively interacting with various personality styles
  • Leveraging strengths and minimizing the negative impact of personality weaknesses
  • Applying personality style analysis to real-life situations involving clients, staff, peers and superiors


Experience on complex audit engagements