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Social Security and Medicare (LIVESTREAM) (LIOT02/21)

Event Description

Social Security and Medicare benefits remain an integral part of the financial planning process for many clients, yet CPA’s often feel unprepared to talk about these topics.  Clients often want to know when they will qualify for benefits, how they obtain benefits, and if these benefits will even be available once they retire.  Through easy-to-understand examples and discussion, this course will review the fundamentals of the Social Security and Medicare systems.  It will also help practitioners begin to identify planning opportunities that may be available for current and future clients.

Designed For

CPA’s who have clients that are nearing retirement or asking questions about Social Security and Medicare benefits.


  • Recall the different types of Social Security benefits
  • State the tax treatment of Social Security benefits
  • Compute the benefit change when one takes benefits before and after the full retirement age
  • Identify differences between commercial disability insurance and social security disability benefits
  • State how Social Security may be incorporated into a client’s financial plan
  • Name the different parts of Medicare
  • Recognize the difference between Medicare and Medicaid



Major Subjects

  • Overview of the Social Security System & Benefit Types
  • Qualifying for Social Security Retirement Benefits
  • Social Security Disability
  • Taxation of Social Security Benefits
  • Break-even analysis and financial planning with Social Security
  • Parts of Medicare
  • Medicare vs. Medicaid
  • Addressing common client questions regarding Social Security & Medicare