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Single Audits Then, Now! & the Future (LIAA36/22)

Event Description

With new funding and new federal programs being created to combat COVID-19, many more entities are going to need Single Audits.  This course will provide an overview of the history of Single Audits, and what they are today, as well as explore what Single Audits could be in the future.

Designed For

Auditors that perform or are thinking of getting into the business of performing Single Audits.


  • Learn about the events that caused Congress to pass the Single Audit of 1984 and why the act contains certain provisions and the impact these provisions have on the current day Single Audit. 
  • Learn of some of the challenges that new funding and programs are causing the Single Audit community and how these could potentially impact Single Audits in the future.

Major Subjects

Single Audits