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Seeing Beyond the Numbers – Financial Statement Analysis for CFOs & Controllers (LIMG16/24)

Event Description

Financial statements are a window into what is going on in the day-today operations of the company. They help us see what the company’s strengths and weaknesses are. However, financial statements can often have different messages depending on the user.

Designed For

Controllers or accountants who are involved in the financial reporting functions of their companies and looking to improve their review skills.


  • Indicate how different stakeholders utilize financial statements
  • Recognize how flexible budgeting may be used by CFOs and Controllers 
  • Recall how time series analysis and common size financial statements are used in trend analysis 
  • Calculate liquidity, leverage, and profitability ratios 
  • Identify the uses and limitations of ratio analysis.

Major Subjects

  • Purpose of financial statement analysis 
  • Comparing Actuals vs. Expectations & Benchmarking
  • Case Studies 1 & 2
  • Ratio Analysis 
  • Case Study 3
  • Analysis of Statement of Cash Flows
  • Case Studies 4 & 5 
  • Other Uses of Ratios