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Small Business Planning: Data Security on a Budget (LIMG02/23)

Event Description

In this day and age, protecting company and client data is imperative.  However, for your small business clients, money is often tight.  Is it even possible to build an effective data security program with limited resources?  In this course, we will discuss some of the basic data security requirements for tax practitioners and financial advisors.  We will examine what the most common risks are give some tips on how to address them without breaking the bank.  We will even give some tips on how to control cost when purchasing cyber liability insurance.

Designed For

Small business owners, as well as tax practitioners and financial advisors with small business clients, who are concerned about protecting company and client data.


• Identify the relationship between information security, network security, and cyber security
• Recall what data security measures are required of tax preparers and financial advisors.
• Identify how to prevent common data security risks
• Recognize what risks are mitigated by purchasing a cyber insurance policy

Major Subjects

• Defining information security, cyber security, and network security
• Data security requirements for CPA’s and CFP’s
• Ten common security threats and how to deal with them
• Is it possible to control data security costs?
• Cyber liability insurance basics