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Non-Profit Update (LIVESTREAM) (LIAA46/21)

Event Description

Due to enhanced third-party interest, nonprofit entities and their accountants need to be especially aware of important accounting, financial reporting, compliance, audit, and other assurance issues. This couse will explain the basis behind major issues and current trends in technical, professional, and regulatory matters that could impact nonprofit entities.

Designed For

Anyone responsible for preparing, reviewing, or auditing a nonprofit entity’s financial statements.


  • Describe recent developments of the FASB, AICPA, GAO, and OMB relevant to nonprofit entities
  • Explain common misapplied principles in preparing current year nonprofit financial statements 
  • List  evolving financial reporting and compliance issues facing nonprofit entities in the current environment
  • Describe important developments in providing audit and attestation services to nonprofit clients


Major Subjects

  • FASB accounting standards with open effective dates relevant to nonprofits
  • Common misapplied financial statement concepts in the current environment 
  • Critical Yellow Book and Uniform Guidance matters for current year financial statement and compliance audits
  • New AICPA standards for providing audit and other attest services to nonprofit clients 
  • Other professional, technical, or regulatory matters of importance