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Nexus What Next? (LITX09/23)

Event Description

In this webinar, state tax expert Michael Fleming will review what to do after you have determined where you have a link or connection with a state called nexus. Determining nexus is just the first step in determining if you or your client should register to collect tax. Sometimes there is no requirement to do anything even when you have nexus. If there is a requirement to register to collect tax, how should you register? There are options. How about after registration? What other factors should be considered as rates, taxability returns. When does it make sense to use software? Are there any pitfalls?

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Designed For

Program level is basic. No prerequisites required. Everyone should attend. No advanced preparation.


Understand the key terms and concepts around sales tax. Including nexus, taxability, materiality, and exemptions.

Major Subjects

  • What role does taxability play?
  • Is materiality a factor?
  • Do I have past exposure?
  • What specific options do I have moving forward?