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Your best clients will be doing business in more then one state in the U.S. and are also likely to have business operations in foreign countries. 

Enrolled Agent Approved

Designed For

Every CPA, EA, and Attorney that gives tax advice to, and prepares tax returns for, business entities that do business in more than one taxing jurisdiction.      


  • Understand the 3 factor formula and how it might be modified based on “facts and circumstances.”
  • Identify other possibilities for apportionment in special circumstances.
  • Apportionment based on volume of business done.
  • Reconciling state or national apportionment rules when based on different factors.
  • Importance of tax treaties.

Major Subjects

  • Whether it’s doing business in several States or several countries, “Nexus” or Connection . . .  can be established with a warehouse, a factory, even one employee working from home in a neighboring state requiring tax compliance in more than one State or Nation. This program explains the tests for nexus and how to apportion taxable income among different entities. The “3 factor formula” and various modifications will be discussed. Optional apportionment based on unique facts and circumstances.