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Liquidating One or More Partner’s Interests? Tax Treatment of Liquidating Distributions (LITX23/24)

Event Description

There are two types of distributions in a partnership, current and liquidating. Within those are proportional and disproportionate distributions. The tax treatment differs between current and liquidating distributions. This course reviews the treatment of liquidating distributions to the partnership and the partner. Anyone with client’s taxed as partnerships will benefit.

Enrolled Agent Approved

Designed For

CPAs, EAs and Attorneys that advise and/or prepare returns for entities operating as partnerships and their owners.  


After completing the course participants will understand the treatment of partners and partnerships for liquidating distributions including the priority of distributions and tax implications for both, including losses and the treatment of payments to retiring partners.  

Major Subjects

The program will provide an in-depth analysis of partnership liquidating distributions including the tax treatment for both the partnership and partner including, the including distributions in retirement of a partner.