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K03 – Strategic Ways to Improve Cash Flow (LIVESTREAM) (LIMG73/21)

Event Description

Cash flow management is often the most important task of any CFO or financial leader.  Regardless of whether one works in start-ups or established companies, non-profit or for-profit entities, cash flow makes our organizations run.  Have you ever wondered whether you are optimizing your company’s cash flow?  In this course, we will explore how to improve your company’s cash flow using analysis and financial theories in the context of real-world situations.

Designed For

CPA’s who are in financial leadership positions looking to improve their company’s cash flow


  • State the relationship between sustainable growth, core earnings, and company cash flow
  • Recognize how time assessments and customer segmentation can be used to identify cash flow negative clients.
  • Identify common behavioral biases which influence how a company spends money

Major Subjects

  • Identifying cash flow problems
  • Core earnings theory and the concept of sustainable growth
  • Payment terms, pricing, and using credit
  • Time assessments & identifying problem clients 
  • Dealing with uneven cash flows
  • Common behavioral biases when it comes to company spending


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