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Your tax files contain all the information an “evildoer” would need to steal your client’s identity and wreak havoc in the client’s life. IRS Publication 4557 explains that you are expected to preserve and protect the confidentiality and privacy of that data but does not tell you how to use available tools to organize data collection and preservation. In this program, cyber-security expert Chris Jenkins walks you through security risks, the systems you need, and the procedures necessary to protect your clients’ data.

Designed For

Designed For
CPAs with responsibility for collection, analysis, and storage of taxpayer data


Learning Objectives
• Identify your digital “footprint”
• Understand, and know how to research, threats
• Evaluate your internal control over digital data
• Design controls to secure data
• Evaluate hardware and software
• Educate users and clients
• Use security software

Major Subjects

Major Subjects
• Basic technology security concepts
• Security software usage
• Detecting signs of a security breach
• FTC Safeguards Rule and Checklist
• Responding to a security breach


Responsibility for collection, use, and retention of information provided by clients to enable preparation of federal income tax returns