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HR Update (Employment Law) – Are You Prepared and Protected? (LIVESTREAM) (LIMG07/22)

Event Description

HR can be confusing and ever changing. Ensuring that you are aware of common employment law mandates can help to alleviate some of the uncertainty and allow you to provide stellar support to employees and companies alike. Join us for a high level overview of some of the HR laws that affect our everyday interactions: FMLA, FLSA, Compliance, COVID response, and upcoming 2022 legislation.

Designed For

HR Law is relevant to anyone involved as an employee, employer, service provider and vendor.


Gain an understanding of HR Law Understand how HR Law intercepts with our everyday work life Being prepared for upcoming legislation

Major Subjects

HR Law Introduction, FLSA, FMLA, Workers Compensation,COVID Response, 2022 Upcoming legislation, and interactive discussions on real life scenarios and how HR connects.