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What makes a business valuable?  Who determines value?  What are the key factors that make businesses valuable?  In this course, we explore the basic inputs and financial theory behind valuation.  We will apply foundational corporate finance concepts to real world examples, in an effort to see what makes up an investment’s price.

Designed For

CPA’s and business professionals who want to understand the concepts and theories behind business valuation.


  • Describe the factors affecting the value of a business
  • Compare and contrast market value, investment value, bankruptcy value, and going concern value
  • List the key differences between technical and fundamental analysis
  • Calculate intrinsic value using discounted cash flow methods, such as the GGM and the H-Model

Major Subjects

  • What does value mean?
  • Technical vs. Fundamental Analysis
  • Intrinsic Value
  • Other Discounted Cash Flow Models
  • Assumptions in the Gordon Growth Model
  • Valuations Using Free Cash Flows
  • Residual Income Model
  • Enterprise Value
  • Value in Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Small Business Valuations & Discounts
  • Advanced Valuation Models