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Government Accounting for Beginners: How and Where to Start (LIAA33/22)

Event Description

Government accounting is unique compared to generally accepted accounting standards for other types of entities. This course will help bridge the gap in understanding the applicable financial reporting framework promulgated by GASB.

Designed For

• Anyone new to government accounting and financial reporting


  • Describe the basics of fund accounting and modified accrual accounting
  • Explain budgetary accounting and the use of encumbrances in a governmental environment
  • Discuss the rules on exchange and nonexchange transactions 
  • Describe the form and layout of fund and government-wide financial statements 

Major Subjects

  • The basics of accounting for governments
  • Defining component units of a government
  • Overview of the form and content of fund and government-wide financial statements
  • Management Discussion & Analysis and other required supplementary information in the report of a government