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Getting Ahead: The Art of Marketing for CPAs (LIOT01/23)

Event Description

To many clients, CPA firms all look the same. While services and specialties may vary significantly
from one firm to another, it is hard for the average person to see this by simply looking at the sign
outside our office door. Is there any way to make us stand out more to the outside world? Through
surveys, statistics, and examples, this course looks at how CPA firms can develop a marketing plan
beyond just relying on referrals. We look at the pluses and minuses of various marketing channels,
regulatory constraints, and how to measure success in the competitive financial services space.

Designed For

CPAs who want to improve their firm’s competitive position by utilizing new and unique marketing techniques.


• Identify common problems involved in marketing CPA services
• State the common elements of a marketing plan for a service organization
• List ethical considerations and common state regulatory requirements CPA firms must abide by in their marketing practices
• Describe what survey data and statistics show about the effectiveness of various marketing channels
• Describe how to develop metrics to measure the success of marketing efforts


Basic knowledge of marketing concepts