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Gaining a Competitive Advantage – Critical Skills for CFOs and Controllers (LIMG14/24)

Event Description

The role of finance leaders within an organization has changed considerably in more recent years. CFOs and Controllers are constantly being asked to take on new tasks that involve the critical functions of the organization. This course will discuss how finance leaders can create value within their organizations in the current competitive market, how the perception of value in the area of finance has changed, the role of the finance function in cybersecurity, and how finance leaders can help create a data-driven organization.

Designed For

CFOs & Controllers who want to learn how to create more value within the finance function of their companies.


  • List the dimensions that may be used to measure organizational value 
  • Compare and contrast balance sheet value, investor value, and societal value 
  • Describe techniques a company may use to create a data driven organization 
  • Describe why CPAs should be involved in cybersecurity functions 
  • Identify the most common cybersecurity threats 
  • Define ESG and responsible investing

Major Subjects

  • Measuring the Organizational value: Friedman Theory
  • Measuring the Organizational value: 2020 IFAC and the AICPA Guidance
  • Business Value 
  • Investor Perception of Value 
  • Top 15 Cybersecurity Threats for 2020
  • Societal Value