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Why wait for your company’s defenses to be breached?

Tackling Fraud Within the Workplace
Fraud consumes an estimated 5% of corporate revenue and every business–regardless of size–is a potential target for fraud. This workshop will explore the “why” and “how” behind the fraudulent activities occurring in the workplace. Oftentimes, dishonest employees target weaknesses in the company’s systems, or shrewd third parties use “social engineering” tactics to breach a company’s defenses. Proper fraud awareness training is crucial to a company’s well-being and culture. All levels inside a company, from employees to company owners, should have a basic knowledge and understanding of how these fraud schemes work and how to recognize the warning signs. The workshop will examine the schemes, the motives, the opportunities, the problems and the risks. We will also set the framework for evaluating matters from an ethical lens instead of only applying a business or personal lens. 


Provide a comprehensive look at fraud risk management from the technical, legal, and operational perspectives and update participants on the most recent legal and regulatory developments pertaining to fraud deterrence, prevention, and detection

Discussion Leader

Ramona Farrell, MBA, CFE, CFCI