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Fraud Awareness: Fraud – It’s Not Personal. (LIAA22/23)

Event Description

When does trusting your family hurt your family business? In this Fraud Awareness course, we will focus on the dynamics and culture of the Family Business and the impact fraud can have on the extended family. This course will also explore the current environment involving elder financial exploitation, including why bad actors target the elderly, the vulnerable, or the role the elderly might play in a fraud, including as the perpetrator.

Designed For

Financial executives, CPAs, accountants, managers who have a fiduciary role in a family business or for the affairs of the elderly.


  • Heightened awareness of the potential for fraud and vulnerabilities for the family business;
  • Understanding of different tactics being taken to take advantage of the elderly;
  •  Tips and tools for safeguarding company assets and protecting the elderly from financial exploitation.

Major Subjects

  • Addressing fraud awareness concerns in the family business or closely held business; and using videos or case studies to support fraud awareness and the “why” behind the bad actor’s behavior.
  • Will discuss family dynamics and types of fraud targets for elder financial exploitation.