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Found an Inadvertent Termination or S-Election Problem? Revenue Procedure 2022-19 and Self-correction (LITX24/24)

Event Description

There are many events that can cause an inadvertent termination of an S-election. Additionally, in reviewing the original election, there may be a defect in the consents. This course discusses the new IRS procedure to self-correct. Prior to this, taxpayers had to resort to expensive Letter Rulings to obtain this relief. This area has gained even more importance as the number of LLCs electing S-corporation status has increased. This course covers the new self-correction process and what types of events qualify for the relief. Anyone that has S-corporation clients will benefit.

Designed For

CPAs, EAs and Attorneys that advise and/or prepare returns for business entities that operate as S-corporations.


After completing the course participants will understand the self-correction rules and procedures for both inadvertant termination issues and election defects. 

Major Subjects

The program will provide an in-depth analysis of the self-correction rules applicable to the S-corporation termination events and/or election defects. It includes the procedures to correct the problems.