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Financial Statement Analysis (LIVESTREAM) (LIMG10/22)

Event Description

Participants will learn about the various methods of analyzing firm performance, including using common size financial statements, vertical and horizontal analysis, as well as ratio analysis.  Uses and limitations of various analytical tools will be addressed through a comprehensive case study.

Designed For

Controllers or accountants who are involved in the financial reporting functions of their companies and are looking to improve their review skills.


  • Compare and contrast how different stakeholders utilize financial statements
  • Describe how flexible budgeting may be used by CFO’s and Controllers
  • Describe how time series analysis and common size financial statements are used in trend analysis
  • Calculate liquidity, leverage, and profitability ratios
  • Describe the uses and limitations of ratio analysis

Major Subjects

  • How differing Audiences, Objectives & Uses of Financial Statements influences analysis
  • Flexible Budgeting, Time Series Analysis, and Common Size Financial Statements
  • Limitations & Uses of Ratio Analysis
  • Application of financial statement analysis through case studies