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General registration is open for SCACPA’s 2020 Fall Fest Accounting Conference. Fall Fest will be virtual this year.

As promised, we will be delivering you the high-quality CPE you require on November 12-13. Our regularly scheduled A&A and Tax Tracks will be available via livestream. You can earn 16 hours of credit by selecting either track or choose a mix of sessions based on your specific needs. 

Register now as our elite practitioners and speakers continue the high-quality CPE you require through the convenience and security of livestream presentations.

Current sessions include:

Thursday, Nov. 12

  • LITX50  How Much is my Business Really Worth? Exploring Business Valuation Fundamentals  2.00 Tax  David Peters
  • LITX51  Financial Planning in Today’s World IRA Basic & New Tax Rules  1.00 Tax  David Peters
  • LITX52  Tax Problems Identified in S-Corp: Basis Distribution and Share Ownership  1.50 Tax  Lynn Nichols
  • LITX53  Cases and Rulings Last 6 Months  2.00 Tax  Mike Tucker and Lynn Nichols
  • LITX54  NEXUS  1.50 Tax  Lynn Nichols
  • LIAA50  Internal Control and COSO Essentials for Financial Managers, Accountants and Auditors (Panel Discussion)  2.00 A&A  Moderator: Ramona Farrell
  • LIAA51  Benford’s Law: A Valuable Audit Tool for Detecting Fraud  1.00 A&A  Jesica Kaczor
  • LIAA52  Latest Updates on Audit Risk Assessment  1.50 A&A  Bruce Nunnally
  • LIAA53  FASB Update – ASUs Effective for 2020 Year Ends  2.00 A&A  Melisa Galasso
  • LIAA54  ASC 606 Revenue Recognition – Lessons Learned and Practical Examples  1.50 A&A  Lindsay Medlin, Paul Medlin, Kristen Jerome

Friday, Nov. 13

  • LITX55  Construction Contractors Tax Issues  2.00 Tax  Lynn Nichols
  • LITX56  Home Office Deductions: What Works & What Doesn’t  1.00 Tax  Dean Cochenour
  • LITX57  Education Expenses: Credits, Scholarships, Grant Deductions  1.50 Tax  Lynn Nichols
  • LITX58  COVID-19 Tax Issues  2.00 Tax  Brad Burnett
  • LITX59  Draws by an Owner from a Closely Held Business  1.50 Tax  David Peters
  • LIAA55  GASB Updates and Hot Topics: New Standards, Implementation Tips and Tricks and Major Projects  2.00  A&A  Tim Lyons
  • LIAA56  Presenting Financial Information to Non-Financial Professionals  1.00 A&A Miller Edwards
  • LIAA57  SAS 142 and 143 – Auditing Estimates and Audit Evidence  1.50 A&A  Melisa Galasso
  • LIAA58  AICPA Update – SAS 134-141  2.00 A&A  Melisa Galasso
  • LIAA59  A CPA’s Guide to Due Diligence  1.50 A&A  Tom Pietras and Lynn Nichols

Better yet: If you only want a few of the sessions, you can choose individual sessions from the catalog.

You might also be asking about the other tracks we offer during the conference (Business & Industry, Government/Nonprofit, Variety). Don’t fret, we will have you covered. We are video recording all these sessions as well, and they will be offered through the months of September and October. Maximize the value of your investment in SCACPA membership by attending MORE of our Fall Fest offerings than you could during our traditional concurrent five-track event.

Let’s navigate this moment’s obstacles while looking toward the road to recovery.