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Employee Stock Plans – RSU, ESPP, ISO, and NQSO (LITX03/23)

Event Description

Many of our clients are getting paid with employer stock or they may be able to purchase their employer stock at a discount.  We need to advise our clients on the different tax aspects of these employer stock plans.  When you are knowledgeable on this, you will get referrals from employees of these companies.

Enrolled Agent Approved

Designed For

Tax professionals working with clients with employer stock so they can help with their tax and financial planning and be able to properly prepare their tax returns.


Learn about the tax and financial planning consequences of employer stock, learn how to read a stock agreement, Understand the tax calculations when employer stock is sold, be able to give the best advice to your clients with their employer stock.

Major Subjects

We will review Restricted Stock Units, Employee Stock Purchase Plan, Incentive Stock Options, Nonqualified stock options.  Our bonus topic will be Qualified Small Business Stock (Sec. 1202 Stock) which means if qualified, you can exclude $10 million from capital gains.