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D03 – Human Resources Update (Recruiting and Retaining Talent) (LIVESTREAM) (LIOT71/21)

Event Description

There is a particular art to finding and keeping good employees. A certain finesse that may have alluded some of us. Whether you are looking for one or twenty one employees, it is always easier to hire the right one, than to fire the wrong one. Come to hear pertinent stories that will entertain you, statistics that will astound you and good common sense that comes from years of experience. You will be so intrigued by the presentation that you may not immediately realize how much your gleaned from the course.

Designed For

Those that enjoy hiring the right person for the right job and those that wish someone else could do it for the. Laugh, learn and repeat.


  • The psychology of interviewing candidates
  • The art of training and mentoring new and current employees
  • The courage and knowledge to do it right the first time

Major Subjects

  • Preparing yourself, your office, your budget and your job description
  • Putting the right person on the right bus and in the right seat
  • The art of interviewing
  • Yes, you can still ask for references, you just have to know who to ask


This event is brought to you as part of Spring Splash.