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Cybercrime: A Business Model that Continues to Thrive with New Financial Markets and Consumers (LIAA11/23)

Event Description

This course will provide an overview of today’s cybersecurity threats and trends, and how new financial markets create opportunities for cybercrime. Through industry experts, learn to identify sound practices to protect yourself, your systems, and data. Learn about the vulnerabilities and risks to yourself and your business, and some techniques you can use to help you respond to an incident.

Designed For

Financial execs, CPAs, accountants, managers, business owners, IT professionals


  • Better understanding of depth and breadth of cybercrime, the threats and trends and the “why” behind the growth in cybercrime, why cybercrime has become a successful business model, and tools and tips to protect yourself, your company, and employees.

Major Subjects

  • With the assistance of industry experts, we will explore the growth of cybercrime as a business model and why it is thriving in today’s market conditions.
  • This course will discuss the risks and ways to better protect yourself and your company.