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Contributions to Partnership Capital: Determining the Partners’ Basis (LITX22/24)

Event Description

Partnership basis is a complex area that is often misunderstood. It is an important audit issue for the IRS. This course covers the determination of a partner’s basis in a partnership when making a contribution to capital, including when services are contributed. It includes accounting for debt in a partners basis, both recourse and non-recourse debt. Anyone with client’s taxed as partnerships will benefit.

Designed For

CPAs, EAs and Attorneys that advise and/or prepare returns for entities operating as partnerships and their owners.  


After completing the course participants will understand how to determine a partner’s basis on contributions to capital including services and the treatment of both recourse and non-recourse debt for basis purposes. 

Major Subjects

The program will provide an in-depth analysis of how to determine a partner’s basis when property and services are contributed to capital. It includes accounting for both recourse and non-recourse debt in a partner’s basis.