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Compilations and Preparation Engagements–Basics (LIAA25/23)

Event Description

Practitioners who provide non-audit services must strike the right balance between complying with relevant professional and regulatory standards while mitigating litigation and other practice management risks. This course contains many best practices for managing the accounting, reporting, and performance issues associated with the attest services of compilations and reviews where reports are issued, as well as the SSARS preparation of financial statements nonattest service.

Designed For

Anyone with responsibilities nonaudit services in accordance with the SSARs


  • Describe practice management risks associated with SSARS services 
  • Properly apply relevant professional standards with regulations for SSARSs services 
  • Avoid peer review and litigation risks in SSARS services
  • Be familiar with the numerous illustrations and examples of practical guidance to implement important key learning points

Major Subjects

  • Complete coverage of SSARSs related to Preparation of Financial Statements, Compilations and Reviews
  • Identifying and safeguarding independence threats for issuing attest reports 
  • Defining the varying levels of responsibility for accountants providing non-audit services 
  • Performing compilations and reviews effectively and efficiently, including developing proper advance expectations for review analytical procedures 
  • Properly considering going concern, subsequent events, and other disclosure matters