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Communications: Navigating the Complexities of Conflict (LIOT06/24)

Event Description

Are you dreading having that difficult conversation? You can feel the discomfort in the workplace, especially when a tough conversation is about to take place. Improving communications is a continuous learning experience and communicating during a time of conflict is an art and it involves strategy. How does your perception of your conversation partners influence your approach to navigating the complexities of conflict? In this course, you will learn tactics and strategies you can use to feel more confident in engaging in a discussion that is rife with conflict.

Designed For

Executives, managers, and anyone who desires to improve their communications skills and how to better address conflict.


Improved self-awareness of the different responses to conflict and how we communicate when in a conflict and learn about tools for better outcomes.

Major Subjects

With the assistance of a professor of management and communications, we will explore conflict and what drives our response to conflict and provide strategies for navigating the complexities of conflict.